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I’ve been teaching poetry, performance & freestyling (improvisational rapping) to young people in schools, jails, community centers and arts organizations since 2006.

I teach poetry, performance and freestyling to help people understand how they connect to a larger world. My poetry, performance and freestyling workshops can also create a space in which participants can escape from a world that is often too harsh. I believe that we all have a lot to teach and learn from each other and I enjoy using Popular Education techniques to create a learning environment in which everyone feels empowered to share and receive.

I have signature  poetry writing, performance and freestyling workshops that I have developed over 10 years of teaching, practicing and learning . These workshops can be done one time or as apart of a series. I also enjoy collaborating with host sites to create a customized workshop series that fits the needs of your school or organization. I have experience working with 5-year-olds to senior citizens, including adults and young people with developmental disabilities. I work best with and have the most experience teaching middle school and high school students.

Check out my CV and teaching artist packet to learn more about my teaching work or send me an email using the contact form.

My teaching work extends beyond the classroom. I perform in educational and entertaining assembly programs with talented musicians and fellow teaching artists. You can watch two videos of this work under the Watch section.

Photo Credits: Conrad Erb Photography for Live Connections, Azeem Siddiqui, Corey McDonough for The Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement.


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